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Where & When

Venue: Tower Square, Wellington Place, Leeds, LS1 4AJ

Date: 17/07/2019
Time: 12:00 - 13:15

Tri-Challenge Event Information
A fantastic opportunity for businesses in Wellington Place to challenge yourselves and each other, build your teams, raise money for local charity Big Change, have lots of fun together and win prizes.

Three unique team challenges followed by prizegiving and awards.

The Tri Challenge consists of 3 exciting elements:

1. Speed -  Test your physical performance skills with a range of team relays based on HIIT principles. As a team, complete as many rounds of relays as possible in 10 minutes to gain points.  At least 6 members of your team must take part.

2. Agility -
Problem solving challenge; guide your blindfolded team successfully though the obstacle course maze using your communication skills, team working abilities and all your senses.  You have 10 minutes to successfully complete the course as many times as possible for maximum team points.
Accessible for all; at least 6 members of your team must take part in this fabulously fun challenge.

3. Tactical -
‘Taskmaster’ work together to find and complete as many of the ‘Taskmaster’ based challenges around the grounds of Wellington Place as possible in 10 minutes to win valuable points.
At least 6 of your team members must take part in this fast-paced and thrilling activity.


Team entries are for 10 participants. Different members of your team can complete each of the challenges. All team members must complete at least one challenge.

Individual Entries

If you’d like to enter as an individual we’ll match you with other individual entrants to form your team.

Meeting Point:
Team + registration tent in Tower Square at 11.40am You’ll need to check your team in and complete individual race forms

On the day:
● Bring plenty of supporters from your office to cheer you on!
● Please ensure you are medically fit to enter (see terms below). If you have any special requirements please let us know as soon as possible:
● Come dressed and ready for action; there’s no secure storage on site for personal belongings
● Bring your reusable water bottle
● Make sure you’ve put suncream on beforehand, if necessary

By entering this event you agree to the full terms and conditions below including:
I am medically fit to enter this event and I will do so at my own risk and agree not to hold the organisers responsible in any way for any injury or loss resulting from my participation in the event, prior to, during or after the event
I understand the organisers reserve the right to alter the arrangements and conditions should circumstances require
Cancellations Policy - no refunds will be permitted

This ticket is not available for sale.